If you are looking for a virtual data room solution for your next Venture Capital, Merger & Acquisition, or any other important transaction, there are a significant number of factors that you should consider while choosing a provider.

How secure is the platform? How good is the service provided by the provider? Is the virtual data room user-friendly? And various other questions like these may cross your mind. 

FirmsData is the one such solution to all your issues where you can get every help you need to close your deal faster and efficiently. 

Let’s have a closer look at its features.

In-house Production

When it comes to the security of the confidential files, the last thing you want to do is bring in the third parties that have no obligation towards your data. An important decision we had to make when building FirmsData is not to use any third parties for any outsourcing.

FirmsData is an in-house built dataroom which means that you and the rest of the participants will never have to install any plugins that you have no control over.

Custom Watermark

You can protect your document and its content from getting stolen by an unknown person. FirmsData virtual data room gives you the privilege of saving your document from any copyright breach. 

You can put the customized watermark wherever you want in the document. You can put your company’s name or project name as a watermark of any size. The customized watermark will appear in the middle of the page, below or above the text of your document. 

You can be stress-free because now no one can make your document their document and the risk of a data breach is less.

Bookmark Important Files

You may face issues in searching the files and folders instantly whenever it is required if you are using any free tool. But not in the case of a virtual data room, especially FirmsData. We provide you the option of bookmarking the important documents which you may need to frequent during the deal. 

You can directly select the file you want to bookmark and then it will get automatically saved separately in the bookmark column.

World-class Security

One of the principal reasons you should use a VDR is to keep your data free from any breach or danger. It will be really difficult for you if your data room provider proves to be unreliable and gets hacked in the future. But FirmsData always makes sure that the security of the files in the dataroom should not get hampered.

FirmsData virtual data rooms have necessary security certificates (such as ISO 27001, SSAE 16, and ISAE 3402), assurance set up in case of a breach, and a second server that gets activated automatically and is up to date in case your data room's major server gets down.

Real-time Activity Updates

The biggest stress amongst the deal makers and investors is how to get the real-time activity update. Well, with the FirmsData platform you don’t require to check for any activity by opening the entire details of the deal within the virtual data room. You can simply get the notification with the update if any activity is done by any of the participants.

Switch between Draft and Live Modes anytime

To do certain work you can have a draft mode in your virtual data room where you can perform some changes without letting anybody know until it gets final. 

You can perform any activity or make changes to your data room and once you think that you are good to go then turn the switch from draft mode to live mode. After turning it to live mode, the changes made will get visible to the other users as well. 

Send customized messages to users

It happens when you want to send an important or direct message to the only individual member of your team or the other party within a virtual data room. In that case, you have the option to send customized messages to any of the participants according to the work required from their end without any delay. 

Just select the user to whom you want to send the customized message. Click on the message option. Just write and send the message you want to share instantly.

No Data room Setup Cost

Do you usually start paying for a dataroom even when you are just setting it up, uploading files, and adding users?

FirmsData allows you to do all of that without any fee. Start to pay when you invite the third-party users to the dataroom to review files.

Dedicated Dataroom Expert

You don’t need to worry more when it comes to managing the dataroom. Our data room experts can manage all dataroom-related tasks like adding users, uploading files, assigning & revoking access, and troubleshooting any technical challenges faced by the users. They are available 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

Easy to use UI

FirmsData virtual data comes with an easy-to-use UI. In simple words, it provides a user-friendly platform where you don’t require to be tech-savvy to operate the data room.

A lot of factors are involved in choosing a dataroom provider. FirmsData comes with advanced security measures, great features to enhance the user experience, and is fairly priced. 

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