FirmsData, your Virtual Data Room for Privacy Policy

We are grateful to you for using FirmsData. Further on, we will be explaining the collection, handling, and usage of the information that we collect when a user uses the services of FirmsData.

We will also explain why and what kind of information, including your personal details that are provided to us. We do not, in any way, collect or use the information that belongs to you.


Information such as your name, phone number, email address, account activity, and payment information are some things that we gather from your account that are associated with you.


Services such as contact works service, electronic signature, etc. are some of the services that we offer at FirmsData. We host a service for the customers that goes by the name of a software-as-a-service platform. As soon as you agree to the terms and conditions for the use of the services, you can make good use of the same. Keep in mind that we reserve the authority to change or modify the terms of services any time that we see fit, although the main functionality will not be reduced unless we provide you with a written notice for the same. Any sort of additional services, if you order any, will be subjected to the same terms as well.

The content in this context simply means any of the documents, contacts, or files that have been uploaded to the service account by you for storage purposes or if it is presented to a third party while still being in connection with the service.

Users get the option of securely storing and accessing the content in a virtual data room, which comes under the jurisdiction of FirmsData.

Access to electronic signature is given under the electronic signature feature which further allows the users to sign, send, track, and even manage documents that are uploaded by authorized users for signing or transmission electronically. This feature is subjected to the additional terms that are talked about below.

Rights and Restrictions

FirmsData offers a non-repeatable non-exclusive, non-transferable, and limited right to the use of service that you have subscribed to for business and professional purposes.

Cookies and other Technologies

Basic technologies such as cookies are used to improve, protect, provide and promote the services that we offer. Let us demonstrate this with an example;

Cookies are generally used to remember things such as the username for the next time you try to log in. They are, at times, also used to better understand how you interact with the services so as to improve the same based on the interaction method. You can decide to not use cookies but that will only lead to you being restricted with your ability to use the services. The information only gets shared with others working for FirmsData and not to any kind of third parties or advertisers.

Some certain third parties are used by us as well, such as IT services and customer support to simply improve, protect, and promote our services. All such third parties only access your information for the process of performing tasks on our command and that too, within the privacy policy guidelines. Also, we will take sole responsibility for how they handle the information.

The information that gets displayed includes profile picture, name, email address in places such as sharing notifications and your user profile. As soon as you register the email address with a domain that is owned by an organization or individual connected to you on FirmsData, you may be found by our collaborators with basic information that includes team name, your name, email address, and profile picture that is also visible to all the other users working in the same domain. This further allows us to help you in seeing teams that you can join so to help other users in sharing files and information with you. Some other additional features can also help you to make some other information available to other users as well. The information is only disclosed to third parties if we conclude that it is;

  • Necessary to comply with the law and natural order of things
  • To protect the rights of FirmsData
  • To prevent any harm to an individual, both physically and mentally
  • To protect the users from any sort of harm or fraud


A dedicated team that is working to protect your information while testing for vulnerabilities is available at FirmsData. Several other testing processes are done to safeguard your information. Some of them are multifactor authentication, files that are rest going through the encryption process, and all the alerts about new devices that get linked to your account.

The information stored on our services will be retained to you for as long as we need the same to offer you the services. Once the account is deleted from your side, the information will be deleted as well, but keep in mind;

  • The deletion of information may take some time since it gets removed from the servers and the backup storage
  • The information may be retained by us if we need it for legal obligations, to enforce agreements from our side, or to resolve certain disputes.

All of the personal information can be accessed simply by logging in to your FirmsData account. The information may be stored, processed, and even transmitted in India and other locations of the world to provide you with the services. It can also be stored on the devices that you locally use to access the services.

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