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FirmsData becomes an obvious choice to avail Data Room services because of its security and compliances. We leverage 4 Check Point strategies to secure sensible information from vulnerabilities, threats & misuses.

Application Level Security

A flaw at code level of the application is first place where an attacker has the potential to exploit the application vulnerability to facilitate a cyber crime. We at Firmsdata ensure that our development team uses best practices and tools to avoid any application-layer risk across web, mobile and third-party applications. We have regular scan and audit in place to have a check on every possible threat.

User Level Security

Our User Level Security check point is based on user’s access control and privileges. We mainly focus on 4 key parameters while looking at User Level Security which are Authentication, Access Control, encryptions & Activities management. Multi factor authentication, AES 256 Bit encryption, Role based access & permissions, High level TLS protocols, Time & IP address restrictions & Detailed reports are few key drivers at User Level Security.

Infrastructure Level Security

Network level security is one of the most important aspects of any secure system. Missing on this part may lead to a big damage to any company. Firmsdata uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances which are very secure and follow most of the high standard security practices. Along with AWS team, our internal cloud engineers have also set up disaster recovery, real time data backups, multi AZ deployments and 24*7 NOC team to provide seamless user experience.

Operations Level Security

Finally, at Operations Level Security we follow almost every standard practice and government compliances to provide secure and world class VDR services. Even in our internal teams, we have set up role based access, multi level authentication and log management to avoid any internal operations or user level security breach. We are also compliant with ISO 27001, HIPPA, GDPR and other Government guidelines while providing Virtual Data Room Services.

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