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FirmsData SLA simply refers to the policy that governs the use of services by you or simply by the entity that is represented by you and comes under the terms of the FirmsData. All of the rights to change the SLA are reserved with us and we can change the same at any point in time.

Service Commitment

Commercially reasonable methods and efforts will be made by FirmsData to make the services available with an uptime percentage every month of 99.99% for every case during the billing cycle every month. If for some reason, any of the services offered do not meet the service commitment, a service credit will be received in accordance with the additional data storage that has been mentioned below;

Service Credit Request

First off, you will need to submit a claim by contacting if you want to receive a credit service. For the eligibility criteria, you need to make sure that we receive the credit request before the end of the second billing cycle, after which all of it happened and you should also include;

  • The subject line should include the words service credit request
  • Mention your corporate name with the login ID and no password
  • Specific time and date of the Unavailability incident that you are submitting the request for.

Upon confirmation, if we see that the claim is correct, additional storage will be added within one billing cycle. In case you are unable to file a request within the first seven days of the incident, you will be unable to qualify for a service credit.

FirmsData SLA Exclusions

Keep in mind that this does not apply to suspension termination or unavailability of any kind.

  • In case it is caused by factors that cannot be controlled which include internet access or internet-related issues that are beyond the control of FirmsData
  • If it is a result of the suspension that is described in the terms of FirmsData
  • If it is a direct result of any actions or inactions that are caused by you or any sort of the third party which includes the failure to identify a specific recovery volume
  • In case equipment technology or any sort of software is at fault, be it a third party or any other technology that is in our direct control
  • If it is caused due to any kind of maintenance that has been provided by the terms of FirmsData
  • Keep in mind that this SLA is only applicable to paid users and not the ones who use the service for free.
  • If the issue at hand arises because of the suspension and the termination of Dcicrrus for your use according to the terms of FirmsData. If the overall impact on availability is caused by factors that ate something other than the ones that are used in the uptime percentages calculation every month, service credit may be issued from our side regarding the factors in play.

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