Virtual Data Room (VDR) for Mergers & Acquisitions

Virtual data rooms (VDR) are now a basic in M&A exchanges. In recent years, the appropriation of virtual data rooms in a wide range of trades has amazed even the most optimistic industry experts & there are currently not many data rooms carried out in the paper. VDRs are seemingly the most significant innovation used during M&A since they are the essential methods by which purchasers, vendors, and their advisors trade imperative documents. Regardless of whether it's for due diligence or whatever else between finding a purchaser and shutting, a virtual data room keeps records secure and composed.

Understanding VDRs is significantly less complicated than it may appear from the start. FirmsData virtual data room for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is one of the leading brands of VDR software in India.

Let’s have a look at the six stages of the M&A procedure that are streamlined with virtual data rooms are:

Deal Preparation

Deal preparation is the first stage among the other six stages of the M&A procedure. Being prepared for an exchange is proactive for the sell-side company. One of the main regions for this is having all the documentation (such as business plans, financials, board materials, main contracts) perfectly so that if there is a sell-side opportunity, the process does not have to be hindered with the documentation. With FirmsData VDR for M&A, you can design a unified and straightforward structure for documentation purposes. This enables the involved parties such as lawyers and bankers to enter the data room with the necessary documents ahead of the transaction.

Deal Marketing

Deal marketing is the second stage among the other six stages of the M&A procedure. Traditionally, the marketing stage was done posting a document or emailing a PDF pitch to a large number of contacts. This process is manual, slow, and open to errors. FirmsData VDR for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) assures you of complete privacy. It also helps you to distribute the marketing document to many people, have visibility about who has looked at the records and who is interested in the exchanges and keep documentation safe.


Negotiation is the third stage among the other six stages of the M&A procedure. The negotiation & due diligence stages are becoming more interconnected. A Virtual data room for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) allows you to track the interest of each party in the different areas of the transaction by auditing the activity level of each bidder in each document. A good Q&A module (Question and Answer) also provides an exceptional tool to converse with bidders providing them answers in the safest & swiftest manner and preparing for negotiation sessions. FirmsData Virtual Data Room for M&A assures all the relevant client compliance services required for the process.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the fourth stage among the other six stages of the M&A procedure. This is the most important stage where data rooms play a crucial role. In this stage a virtual data room allows you to provide the relevant information securely to the other parties (accountants, consultants, lawyers) in a secure layered way. Likewise, FirmsData VDR for M&A assists business due diligence that includes due diligence of all business areas.

This increased use of technology to assist with due diligence communication corresponds to the main focus on the area of IT due diligence commonly. Many of the assets important in the due diligence process for a software or technology investment are particularly suited to the utilization of a virtual data room.

Due Diligence

Closing is the fifth stage among the other six stages of the M&A procedure. A FirmsData VDR for M&A can help speed up the closing. Drafts of final documentation can be shared and commented on using simple & effective version control features. Upon signing, all disclosure lists can also be produced by the review function of the data room.

Post-closing/Deal Bible

Post-closing of the deal bible is the sixth and the last stage of the M&A procedure. A good virtual data room will offer the possibility to archive a transaction as FirmsData does. This archive serves as a deal bible in case the due diligence process and disclosures need to be referred to in the future. FirmsData VDR for M&A through this service provides a secure, always accessible storage for the data that is maintained by an independent third party.

Summing up

FirmsData is the one and only indigenous virtual data room provider in India among the other foreign providers. As an emerging and being one of the first virtual data room providers in India, it makes it more trustful and valuable for the people residing in India. Due to its extraordinary client experience, security and trusted customer service made it more reliable.

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