Virtual Data Room for Indian Market – A Complete Analysis

Virtual Data Room for Indian Market – A Complete Analysis

When we talk about the virtual data rooms in India, what initially strikes in mind is the region where it is based. We, the FirmsData & team, are the emerging player in the virtual data rooms market in India with flawless client complaint services. Although, this requirement gave rise to the establishment of various VDR providers in India.

The demand for virtual data rooms has risen since investment bankers and others noticed that their businesses have declined due to old-fashioned pen & paper systems. It became the need of time to make their clients' technology savvy. Fortunately, from then on, the adoption was slow but surely took off amongst the M&A community. Since then, we have noticed the steady growth in various transactions through virtual data rooms in India.

Since then, India has been actively doing transactions that involve cross-border investors. The United States and Europe are coming out of recession, and investors’ sentiments have shifted to optimism about India's future growth. The Indian market is vibrant, so definitely, it needs some vibrant virtual data room for the Indian market for its vibrant customers.

The use of virtual data rooms in India has become a standard rather than an exemption, demonstrating the move-in disposition by each member in the due diligence process. In the good old days, we had to constantly push the reasons why a Virtual Data Room is better than using a Physical Data Room. Today the advisors and the customers are very much aware of the advantages since they have been presented to our technology and its advantages in past deals that they have been a part of. Some of the components which have made a VDR provider like us a preferred virtual data room for the Indian market are:

Some Points on Virtual Data Room for Indian Market

·        1. Services of Virtual Data Rooms in India: In India, the market we have is service-driven. Virtual data room for Indian market must provide such services that make the work easier and quicker for their customers or in a way their clients required or expected. Virtual data room provider’s main task is to arrange and manage the data room to make the deal successful. As a provider, we take over the responsibility for our clients like index creation, document format preparation, uploading, sending invitations to other users, and making sure that each user can get access to the data room, especially those who got restricted due to some issues. We save time for our clients, and that makes them become our lifelong customers. By providing add-on facilities with no extra cost is a bonus for them and vice-versa.

·        2. Document Quantity: Virtual data room for the Indian market must-have features to work according to the nature of the clients they perceive. It is difficult to estimate the documents being uploaded, but for that, we had made a fixed price for our Indian customers. As the Indian VDR provider, we know about the requirement of the general customers of our country & here, this makes the difference with other Non-Indian providers.

·        3. Importance of being local: It is but-natural that being a local VDR provider gives you an edge but having a dedicated team allows you to work more specifically on the Indian markets. Knowing the requirements or, say, the taste of your local community makes it much easier for a local provider like us to surpass clients’ expectations. It allows us to offer advice on how to structure a client’s data & physically receive the data so that the client does not need to do the work and consequently run the data room for each client.

·        4. Language of virtual data rooms in India: It is correctly said that language makes the difference, but if we talk about today’s scenario, there must be no language barriers. Our data rooms have the option to set the language according to the comfort of the clients. We have made the VDRs by keeping in view the necessity of the multiple languages that are being used worldwide. The primary language will always be English, but the clients have the option to change the language, majorly in the case of Chinese and Spanish people.

·        5. Data Privacy: What matters for any company is its sensitive & confidential data privacy. Obviously, if you are sharing something on the internet, then it’s a need to get yourself to ensure the security of your data. FirmsData is the local virtual data room provider or, we can say, emerging one among the various virtual data rooms in India that make their clients comfortable and ensure their data & its privacy.

FirmsData virtual data room provider & team are optimistic about the outlook of the Indian market. We made our services more client compliant and worked according to their needs which will prove to be helpful in their business development procedure. Our data room proves to be the optimal virtual data room for the Indian market.