One of the Most Secure Virtual Data Rooms Service in India

When you think about some sought of security and protection related to your data then what will be your first step to fulfill such requirements. You will go to opt for some software or application but the question arises whether that particular software or application you are using is secure or not.

FirmsData Virtual data room is one of the most secure VDR service providers. It permits multiple parties to share and collaborate on a deal’s critical information through a safe and encoded online platform.

FirmsData VDR helps Focus on Your Business, Not the Software

We keep things simple to use. Our virtual data rooms are so simple to use that new clients don't require much training.

  • It requires only around 15 minutes to deploy our virtual data room.
  • You can use any computer, browser, or mobile device - no plug-ins required.
  • It helps in easy uploads via Drag & Drop - import your entire index structure to the VDR software in two clicks.
  • No document preparation is necessary – FirmsData VDR supports 25+ file formats for secure viewing, printing, and downloading.
  • It helps you copy and paste email addresses to invite hundreds of users to the data room in a minute.
  • It provides intuitive document access management to configure which files can be viewed, printed, or downloaded for each user.

FirmsData VDR Provides Industry-Leading Security and Reliability

Firmsdata VDR service provider is independently certified for over a hundred controls that cover processes, applications, infrastructure, and people.

  • Its data center operations are ISO 27001 certified.
  • Its data center infrastructure is SOC2 compliant and has been fully audited.
  • Development practices at FirmsData VDR software are compliant with the Open Web Application Security Project.
  • Its multiple data centers continuously watch each other to handle even the most extreme scenarios.
  • Its Industry-leading 99.95% data room uptime is guaranteed.
  • It assures you with your data protected by 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit keys when transferred and at rest.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room Is Using Latest Technologies in VDR Technology

FirmsData VDR software has introduced multiple advanced data room innovations.

  • It helps you protect your documents with personally-identifiable dynamic watermarks.
  • Its “Fence view” feature prevents camera-based attacks inside the VDR.
  • Secure Spreadsheet Viewer allows viewing and manipulating numbers and formulas in Excel files present in your data room.
  • Its 2-step verification provides an extra level of security by requesting an SMS code to log in to the virtual data room.
  • It helps you put restrictions on the user’s access by the time limit and IP address.
  • You can identify what documents were viewed and how much time was spent viewing them, on a page-by-page basis (unique to FirmsData)

FirmsData Virtual Data Room Support at Every Stage of Your Deal

Our in-house Customer Service Team members are VDR software experts that have helped thousands of firms.

  • We are mostly available 24/7/365, including weekends and holidays.
  • It is having a feature where you will never talk to someone who can't answer your question.
  • You can receive a response from us within a few minutes.
  • We have a team of dedicated data room project managers who speak multiple languages.
  • You will not face any issues regarding call transfers - speak to just one person every time you call.
  • No, IT background to manage FirmsData virtual data room is required; we support and train all users.
  • Our online help desk provides documentation, FAQ, and best practices.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room Built by Dealmakers for Dealmakers

Making M&A easier requires powerful yet simple-to-use features. FIRMSDATA VDR software platform empowers your team to invest their time into what they do best.

  • Your documents are automatically getting numbered as you upload or move them to the virtual data room.
  • It helps you set to print, download & watermark settings beforehand and they will be automatically applied to each document added throughout the deal.
  • Our smart filters, keyword search, and bulk print/download operations help bidders work faster.
  • It provides you with the graphic reports that visually represent bidder activity, accelerating analysis and decision-making
  • Our data centers are located in various regions to maximize the speed of cross-border access.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room Provides Deal Room Professional Services

Share your project details with us & we will build a data room perfectly matched to your needs.

  • We customize training sessions for you & your team.
  • It helps in bulk uploading and syncing content from your local drive or cloud storage.
  • It helps in inviting users: assigning roles, setting VDR access limits, and document permissions.
  • It’s having the feature for index importing for your industry and project type, index translating into multiple languages.
  • Helping you with scanning and organizing your documents for upload to FirmsData virtual data room.
  • You can have customizing invitation letters, user agreements, Q&A workflows, and reports.
  • Providing a fully compliant, archived version of the data room made it user friendly.

Summing up

Firmsdata is one of the best virtual data room providers in India among the other foreign providers. As an emerging and being the first of its kind VDR software in India, it makes it more trustworthy and valuable for the people residing in India. Due to its extraordinary client compliance, security and trusted customer service made it more reliable.

Start Virtual Data Room trial without credit card & enjoy FirmsData VDR features